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Institute Of Management Studies is today a premier center of management education in the country. It was founded in 1969 as the Faculty of Management Since its inception, the Institute of Management Studies has always believed in the tradition of innovation. We believe that people cannot be taught but can only learn. We facilitate learning, which is nothing but realization; which best happens through self-enquiry, exploration, experimentation and experiencing. One can be what one aspires to be, provided one works with the conviction, taking risks and being relentless and ruthless with oneself to realize the real SELF. Accomplishments, presupposed undying determination, actions with 100% dedication, and the confidence and perseverance to evolve through continuous learning and improvement by extreme devotion, merging with the mission, striving harder, being the servant of one's mission and vision, voluntarily stretching out to excel in whatever one does is what we stand for. The IMS community is driven by the core values of change, learning and creativity.

The underlying philosophy of the Institute of Management Studies is:

where changing is a tradition and tradition, a way of life;
where learning is an identity and identity, a strength;
where creativity is character and character, a part of soul.
In this ocean of knowledge, we pursue education...