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At IMS a judicious blend of concepts, theory and practice prepares the student to function in a dynamic environment. The Institute recognizes that the careful application of fundamental concepts require rigorous training and conscious effort to generate an ambience which encourages individual initiative and in the process provides students with incisive business acumen. The methodology of the programmes at IMS is consciously designed to encourage regular student industry interface.

The following learning methods are implemented at IMS to groom the students with the required knowledge and understanding of the subjects:

Classroom Learning

The classroom teaching sessions have been divided into semesters consisting of sixteen to eighteen rigorously working weeks. The lectures are very well supported by audio-visual means. There are six to eight courses of study in different programmes with compulsory core subjects.

Case Studies

A model tool for inculcating principles of management provides the students with a proven framework for solving business problems and decision making. In the solution of a management problem, specific analytical tools have their place. More important to the manager is the ability to define the problem in a real life situation, to suggest what further analysis is required and to devise and implement a reasonable action plan to solve the problem. These case studies are a first hand account of actual management situations. Student co-operation and group dynamics are fundamental to the case study method. In class as well as in groups, students benefit from the varied backgrounds and perspective of their colleagues, thus learning from each other and the faculty.


The Institute recognizes that oral communication is an integral part of being a successful manager. Special emphasis is laid on enhancing the presentation skills of every student and presentations using visual aids are utilized to convey ideas and plans in an organized and cogent fashion.

Simulation Techniques

We at IMS believe that one should understand the application of theories one learns. Further, it is easier to grasp the concept better if demonstrated. Business games, in-basket exercises role-plays and other simulation techniques are therefore used to enhance the learning process.

The Summer Internship

The Summer Internship for Six to Eight Weeks, at the end of an academic session is considered to be an essential step in the career development process. In selecting their internships, students opt for the type of organizations that best fits their own career objectives. The faculty is aware that the values developed in the classroom today will lend shape to the business of tomorrow. A full time placement officer helps the students in getting their summer internships at various organizations. The Institute seeks to produce managers with a holistic view of management, who can strike the right balance between people and task orientation.

Group Discussions

The essence of group discussions lies in imbibing the right attitude, knowledge, skills, co-operation, teamwork, communication and leadership qualities in students. It also helps to impart comprehensive and rigorous knowledge in students to metamorphose them into effective and efficient managers.

Guest Lectures & Seminars

Eminent practicing managers are invited to the campus to speak to the prospective managers on broad business related issues. This helps students in gaining an insight into issues of implementation, administration and other practical aspects that surround managerial actions.The Institute invites various eminent personalities from different walks of life for seminars and guest lectures at regular basis.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

Students of the Institute undergo On-the-Job Training to have a perfect blend of knowledge with hands-on experience and learn to apply management concepts in real life situations. This gives them a chance to understand the nuances of their field of specialization. The OJT concept is a salute of IMS to the spirit of managerial excellence.

Personality Development Programmes

The Institute encourages overall personality development of every participant enrolled in it's programmes. As it realizes that the paradigm of success lies in the unique amalgamation of pedagogy and personality. In its incessant endeavour on this path it conducts Personality Development Programme along with course curriculum. The programme is designed to explore the participants through a gamut of situations where various aspects of behavioral sciences are in unison.