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A Japanese word for "We Create", The Annual Management Fest of IMS, represents what IMS stands for - "A Tradition of Innovation".

"Management... Fest...", What a combination ??? Two words... connected abstractly... distantly...and which hardly share any commonness, one mean serious business... and the other fun, frolic & funky stuff..., the combination may seem contradictory, antithetical and " Hard To Gel". But thats what management is all about "Blending Black With The Blonde".

We management folks are made to go through the grill, those heavy appetizers of curriculum, those gravy-full dishes of seminars, those bulky assignments and those oily and fatty case studies. Well at Hyurisko, we have them all in our menu, but we understand we all have "A Sweet Tooth After We Dine". So, we have the Pudding with Icing. Yes, we have got Dessert of Campfire, Custard of Dance Floor and the Wine of Notes & Beats. We will Talk Shop and Chat Joy.

In brief, we simulate the elite cabins of corporate & the teeny corridors of junior-high. We have a perfect blend of Formal & Informal events and games which not only tests and sharpens our management acumen but also delivers great fun to give a sense of togetherness.

So, have a Safari in the Kenyan Woods, a dive in the Australian Great Barrier Reef & a Diwali in a traditional Indian Home. Or to say come.....join Hyurisko....

Hyurisko, being an inter-college national level management festival, several management Institutes from all over India participate in this mega event every year. If rapport and camaraderie is any measure of success then Hyurisko's success is grand.

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